LinkedIn soars to the top while IPO growth falls. The new IPO Tracker 2.0

by Daniel Hom on November 11, 2011

Between the European Debt Crisis and economic struggles at home, this year has shaped up to be an eventful one for the stock and IPO market. The number of public offerings was on track to outpace last year until we hit a slowdown in August, when only 4 companies went public, and then September didn’t see a single IPO. Now, with Groupon and a slew of other IPOs, the market is back in action. Let’s take a look, using our updated IPO Tracker, at the growth rates of 2011′s individual companies, industries and the market as a whole.

On average, IPO performance is down more than 10%. Almost all industries are down, though consumer, materials and business service sindustries are eking gains year-to-date. Despite this, the tech and health care industries are the ones fielding IPOs that lead the pack with LinkedIn the current winner, followed closely by Fusion-io. If you consider Zillow to be a tech company, then the tech industry looks even better.

But technology also has quite a few IPOs pulling up the rear, with FriendFinder Networks now officially the worst performing IPO of this year, taking the honor from Kips Bay Medical, though it’s not far behind. It’s also worth noting that 4 of the 10 worst-performing IPOs this year have hailed from China, a stark contrast to the previous Chinese IPO monsters of Youku and Baidu.

Our plan is to update this weekly, so frequent our permanent IPO Tracker page to see how the year ties up.

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